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mouse's Journal

15th May, 2014. 7:05 pm. New looking livejournal

I hate this new "look". It sucks. I had to try three different ways just to see my friends stuff. I may just stick to Facebook... Damn if I do and Damn if I don't.

Current mood: annoyed.

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29th October, 2012. 1:24 pm. On the Cape

I am stuck here on Cape Cod. My flight got cancelled tomorrow. So I filled out the Virgin America cancellation form. I will not be charged for cancellation.

It is very very windy. Not much rain. The wind has picked up since noon time. I hope that the power will stay on so I find a place to get food. I called my supervisor's and told them about my situation. I have more than enough leave so I have extended my leave until November 2. Hopefully I will be back home by my 33rd Wedding anniversary.

Current mood: anxious.

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26th October, 2012. 2:49 pm. On Yarmouth, Ma.

I am in Yarmouth, MA. Doing a lot of errands and taking care of the storefront. I have a person coming tomorrow for a quote for a new rug in the smaller store. I was suppose to have an insurance inspector come on Monday; but it looks like she is postponing of Hurricane Sandy. I feel a little deja vu. I was waiting for another hurricane when I went to Brunswick, GA on a Sunday and got evacuated with all the personnel at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center where I did my Immigration Information Officer Basic Training. All I got was an aversion to peanut butter and jelly on Wonder Bread and a stupid certificate saying that I participated in the biggest peace time evacuation. I also got a t-shirt with that on the back. I have wore it a couple of times at Baycon!! Cross fingers that the hurricane goes away so I can fly out on Tuesday. I have to call Virgin America on Sunday to check what to do.

Current mood: bouncy.

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21st August, 2012. 6:56 pm. Getting older

We had to let Benjie the dog pass today. He may have had a stroke on Sunday and was in a lot of pain. This is the third semester for Morgan where she has lost a pet a couple of days before college starts.

Boy am I feeling old.....

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22nd April, 2012. 3:51 pm. Accomplishments and fun!!!

Booked flight to Westercon in Seattle. Got a good flight and have hotel reservation and memberships. Went to SPAMALOT yesterday. I laughed my touss off. However, the seats hurt my butt because I don't have any cushion there any more. I have lost over 100 lbs. and tons of inches...

Current mood: accomplished.

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22nd April, 2012. 3:48 pm. Stop Cyber Spying Week (CISPA)

Originally posted by mdlbear at Stop Cyber Spying Week (CISPA)
Originally posted by dejla at Stop Cyber Spying Week (CISPA)
Originally posted by rodlox at Stop Cyber Spying Week (CISPA)
Originally posted by sabaceanbabe at Stop Cyber Spying Week (CISPA)
Originally posted by morgandawn at Stop Cyber Spying Week (CISPA)
Join the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other groups in getting the word out this week:

"Under CISPA, can a private company read my emails?

Yes.  Under CISPA, any company can “use cybersecurity systems to identify and obtain cyber threat information to protect the rights and property” of the company. This phrase is being interpreted to mean monitoring your communications—including the contents of email or private messages on Facebook.

Right now, well-established laws, like the Wiretap Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, prevent companies from routinely monitoring your private communications.  Communications service providers may only engage in reasonable monitoring that balances the providers' needs to protect their rights and property with their subscribers' right to privacy in their communications.  And these laws expressly allow lawsuits against companies that go too far.  CISPA destroys these protections by declaring that any provision in CISPA is effective “notwithstanding any other law” and by creating a broad immunity for companies against both civil and criminal liability.  This means companies can bypass all existing laws, as long as they claim a vague “cybersecurity” purpose."

More details and what to do here.

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12th April, 2012. 9:58 pm. Here we go again....CISPA is the new SOPA

Originally posted by mdlbear at Here we go again....CISPA is the new SOPA
Originally posted by siliconshaman at Here we go again....CISPA is the new SOPA
Originally posted by griffen at Here we go again....CISPA is the new SOPA
Originally posted by atalantapendrag at Here we go again....CISPA is the new SOPA
Originally posted by ericadawn16 at Here we go again....CISPA is the new SOPA
Originally posted by sxymami0909 at Here we go again....CISPA is the new SOPA
Originally posted by xtremeroswellia at here we go again....CISPA is the new SOPA
Originally posted by sio at here we go again....CISPA is the new SOPA
PLEASE PASS THIS ON! i've shared on FB and a couple forums and hardly anyone else is--that bothers me on some level. we DON'T need this kind of censoring to be passed!!!

Originally posted by colonoscarpeay at CISPA is the new SOPA

Here's their next move: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, would obliterate any semblance of online privacy in the United States.

And CISPA would provide a victory for content owners who were shell-shocked by the unprecedented outpouring of activism in opposition to SOPA and Internet censorship.

The House of Representatives is planning to take up CISPA later this month. Click here to ask your lawmakers to oppose it.

SOPA was pushed as a remedy to the supposed economic threat of online piracy -- but economic fear-mongering didn't quite do the trick.

So those concerned about copyright are engaging in sleight of hand, appending their legislation to a bill that most Americans will assume is about keeping them safe from bad guys.

This so-called cyber security bill aims to prevent theft of "government information" and "intellectual property" and could let ISPs block your access to websites -- or the whole Internet.

Don't let them push this back-door SOPA. Click here to demand that your lawmakers oppose CISPA.

CISPA also encourages companies to share information about you with the government and other corporations.

That data could then be used for just about anything -- from prosecuting crimes to ad placements.

And perhaps worst of all, CISPA supercedes all other online privacy protections.

Please click here to urge your lawmakers to oppose CISPA when it comes up for a vote this month.

Thanks for fighting for the Internet.

-Demand Progress

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2nd March, 2012. 11:03 am.

BORED!!! I had to stay home for the past two days because of a stupid kidney stone. I went to the ER at St. Mary's instead of California Pacific Med. Center, (first mistake) by ambulance because at 3:00am on Wednesday morning, I woke up with severe pains in my left. I couldn't tell if it was abdomenal or kidney. I went to St. Mary's thinking it could be a complication from my gastric by-pass surgery. I had to tell the driver how to get there because she was a new employee. Craig came with me. Morgan and Elizabeth followed in car. I get there to the hospital. I was put in a room all by myself. Craig was doing paperwork and they wouldn't allow Morgan or Elizabeth to go in. I am screaming in pain because they couldn't give me pain drugs. Craig asked them to call Dr. Rabkin because of the possible problem. They never did so Morgan called PACLAP. Maria talked to me and sent Dr. Rabkin down. I talked to both ER doc and Dr. Rabkin just as the morphine hit my system. I had a CT scan with contrasting dye. They found I had a kidney stone. Came home full of morphine. Got Percocet to help. The stone passed yesterday around 10:00 am. Good thing I had a note from Doc. I have a little muscle pain in the back every once and a while. I finally got a good night sleep and so did the rest of the family. The trials and tribulations of a mouse...

Current mood: blah.

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2nd January, 2012. 6:07 am. Why

Had a great weekend!!! Had fun at Colleen's and Steve's Party. Had fun at poker night with Jeremy. Why am I up at 4:00 to 6:00 am? I can't sleep. CRAP!!! Fubar!!!

Current mood: awake.

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9th December, 2011. 1:25 pm. RIP: Socks the Cat

We lost Socks the Cat the other early morning. Craig woke me and Elizabeth up and took the cat to Pets Unlimited. Elizabeth was told that they couldn't save her and that she was suffering. Elizabeth gave permission to put her to sleep. All the cats know something is up. They are really being overly affective. Wants lots of cuddles.

Current mood: sad.

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